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Nicholson Lectures 2015

Journeys into the Deep: Pilgrimage as Paradigm of Renewal!
Guest Lecturer: Dr. William S. Schmidt, Institute of Pastoral Studies, Loyola University Chicago
Two Lectures – open to the public (free admission)
·         Thursday, October 29 at 7:00 p.m.
Pilgrimage: Transformational Journeys as Contemporary Spirit Quest
·         Friday, October 30 at 2:00 p.m.
From Emmaus to Pentecost: Theology and Spirituality in Pilgrimage Mode
Location: St. Columba Chapel, AST Campus, 634 Francklyn Street, Halifax
Information: 902-423-5592

About Dr. Schmidt

Dr. William (Bill) Schmidt is a German born Canadian, having resided for the last 23 years as Professor of pastoral studies at Loyola University Chicago. He has served as graduate program director for over 10 years at the Institute of Pastoral Studies of Loyola University Chicago, both for the degrees of pastoral counseling and spirituality. He is a former supervisor in Canadian pastoral contexts and is a Diplomate in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. He serves as editor of the Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health, published by Taylor and Francis/Rutledge. His specific current academic and pastoral focus addresses the themes of contemporary pilgrimage as a resource for personal growth, transformation, and healing.
Dr. Schmidt will also be providing the homily during a chapel service on Thursday, October 29, at 11:45 a.m.(Same location)

The Nicholson Lectures were established in the early 1980s in memory of Dr. C.M. Nicholson, who was Principal of Pine Hill Divinity Hall from 1946 to 1971. The memorial fund was established by the Pine Hill Alumni Association, which has committed itself to the establishment of permanent funding for the lectures. These lectures are offered annually and focus on the area of homiletics. The endowment income for the Nicholson Lectures is made available through the Board of Pine Hill Divinity Hall.
Dawn Robertson
Manager, Communications & Alumni Relations
Atlantic School of Theology
Telephone: 902-496-7943
Email: advancement@astheology.ns.ca
Excellence in Ecumenical Theological Education

Government of Canada Matches Donations to PWS&D towards Syria Crisis until December 31

Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2015 8:52 AM
Hello everyone,
For info about our church’s response to the Syria crisis, info and resources, go to http://WeRespond.ca/responding-to-syria-crisis/
This was just posted late yesterday. It outlines responses around – Pray, Learn, Act, Give,  including relief brought to refugees in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon (from donations to the ‘Be a Peacemaker’ campaign); refugee sponsorship; info about the situation and who is a refugee, and a resource from 2010 about refugees.
On the www.presbyterian.ca website, front page, there is a link to the PCC Moderator’s letter to the Prime Minister, sent last week, urging him to respond to the crisis. You may also search the website for the children/youth refugee study, produced a few years ago., ‘Welcoming Refugee Friends to Canada.’
A bulletin insert is being produced, and more info to come from PWS&D.
Hope this helps. Let me know if you have questions,
Peace, Lara

On October 19, 2015, Vote:

Ecumenical Federal Election Resource

Federal Election Resource 2015 cover
The Federal Election Resource 2015 has been prepared by several ecumenical organizations in Canada to inform and challenge all who are participating in the 2015 federal election. It identifies a range of priority issues, offers sample questions you can ask of candidates, and provides links to resources where you can learn more about these particular issues.
“For people of faith, religious convictions are not purely a private matter. Values, justice principles and moral commitments inform all our actions. They guide us when we speak to politicians and when we vote on election day. Similarly, candidates representing political parties who arrive on our doorsteps or at our community centres speak from their principles and convictions when they ask for our votes.
Statements and questions are not necessarily endorsed by all organizations. All of us are committed to being non-partisan including in our engagement in the 2015 federal election. We encourage you to participate fully in this significant event, drawing on the deep wells of your faith, values and convictions to advance care for land, air and waters, affirm the life of all people, and work for justice and peace.”
Karen Hamilton, The Canadian Council of Churches
Jennifer Henry, KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives
Joe Gunn, Citizens for Public Justice
Jim Cornelius, Canadian Foodgrains Bank
Cesar Jaramillo, Project Ploughshares
Patricia Burton-Williams, Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada
Nancy Steeves, Church Council on Justice and Correction

 A family that prays together derives strength, solace, and inspiration from that act of worship.  A prayer group will gather in the minister’s study at 10 a.m each Sunday.  All are welcome to  join in this special time of fellowship.  If you have any requests for prayers, please pass them along to Rev. Stright or Valerie Macdonald.

The World Council of Churches maintains an Ecumenical Prayer Cycle website.

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