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The Al Saghrjis Family

Aboriginal Day

June 21, 2017

I always referred my residential school memories as my shadow child. The memories that haunt me during my sleeping hours. Creating flash backs in my waking moments. When you have lived all your life with your memories. They became a part of you. My parents called me little one in Ojibway. So I wrote this.

Shadow child
Where are you?

I am here
I am in the words
I am in the tears
That you shared
That day.

Shadow child.
I need you.

I am here
With your friend
That church person
You now call sister or brother
Forever and a day.

Shadow child
Have you left me?

No, little one.
I am still here.
I am that warm ray
Of sunshine.
On a dark day.

Shadow child
Do I walk alone now?

Little one
You have given
Of yourself
A small part of me
Now we walk with others.

Shadow Child
I feel so empty

Little one
Your pain is easing
Your sharing of me
Is healing
For all

Peace little one.
(Vivian Ketchum – director at WICM)


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