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Please use the Brunswick St. Entrance as much as possible on Sunday – it is clear. Blower St. (North West Passage isn`t terrible, the lane is dangerous.

 Kenneth Stright


Bible Study starting 22-February-2015 after 11 am Service

Our Lenten Study this year is called PEOPLE OF THE COVENANT and explores the lectionary readings from the perspective of the covenant created between God and people. First session is February 22. This study will actually use the readings for the day instead of being a week ahead as in the last study.

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First four studies – People of the Promise




During Lent, many of us give up some pleasure or other – chocolate, alcohol, meat etc. – in an effort to help us focus on things eternal. I have also developed the habit of taking up something pleasing to the soul that is not normally part of my life – reading Shakespeare’s tragedies, or listening to Beethoven string quartets, for example. You will see on the attached Music Card that all our Choral Evensongs in Lent this term will take place at All Saints Cathedral. So along with your deprivation of choice, how about a taste of things eternal in the form of Lenten Evensongs in the celestial acoustics of the Cathedral?  It sure beats sitting in rush hour traffic, or sitting at your tyrannical computer.
There are a couple of events coming up that you may want to consider.
First of all the Chapel Choir will be holding a fundraiser in Lunenburg on March 1st and again in Halifax on March 8th (Sundays being outside the Lenten Fast) called “The Chapel Choir – Unrobed”. It has been my fond wish, over the years, to give our friends a chance to experience the extraordinary hidden talents of the members of the choir. I get to see glimpses of these, generally at post-concert parties. But this past weekend we had all the choristers give us a taste of what we might expect to see and hear at these fundraisers. All I can say is you will be stunned by the quality and range of the performances – everything from virtuoso flute to Irish and Brazilian dance, with some original material inspired by the kind of quirkiness only King’s can offer. You will also die laughing, because it turns out comedy seems to be a sideline of practically every member of the group.
Secondly, the B Minor Mass is back! We have a great line-up of soloists and players and the choir are all cranked up and ready to go.
The Lunenburg performance is Saturday April 11th and the Halifax performance is Sunday April 12th. For more information about this and the fundraiser or anything else please contact Vanessa, whom I have copied on this email.


The December Newsletter now online.

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 A family that prays together derives strength, solace, and inspiration from that act of worship.  A prayer group will gather in the minister’s study at 10 a.m each Sunday.  All are welcome to  join in this special time of fellowship.  If you have any requests for prayers, please pass them along to Rev. Stright or Valerie Macdonald.

The World Council of Churches maintains an Ecumenical Prayer Cycle website.

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